Life is what you make it

As I sometimes do, let’s start with a song:

Blast from the past, right? But it absolutely applies to the situation I find myself in. Don’t worry, this is a good thing – let me say that at the start… this is an AWESOME problem to have, but it is definitely a different situation than I expected to be in.

Because who could have imagined the past two years we’ve all had? I don’t need to remind you about the details of the pandemic (then and now) because we all lived and are living it, but the impacts felt in the publishing world were not anticipated… at least not by me. I didn’t see the paper problems that publishers experienced coming, nor the shipping problems. I didn’t think about how illness (personal and familial) would impact editors and typesetters and all the people who make a book come together. I didn’t think about the eventual worker shortage and how that would impact books getting from point A to point B. Nor did I anticipate the mental strain that would impact people at all levels of the process. We’ve lived through a rough time, folks. And I have learned a lot of things about patience, priorities, and compassion because of it.

I write a lot. I have a lot in the hopper. It was staggered so beautifully, just enough every year – a little L. Marie Wood goes a long way. But alas, best laid plans…

So now instead of the trickle, here’s the deluge! 🙂 I have 9 individual titles coming out this year (yes… yep). Two have seen the light of day already!

The Black Hole is my experimental project with Mocha Memoirs Press that showcases the premise as a short story (it’s long for me, though!) and a screenplay. Lots of fun! Scared some people out of the woods, this one.

About Horror is my textbook (woohoo! I am BEAMING!). I have been writing horror fiction forever and I have learned a few things that I wanted to share about genre, writing, and voice, so I decided to combine my passions (writing and teaching) in this textbook. If you’re a writer (aspiring or seasoned) this book is for you!

My first foray into dark romance has hopped around with release dates but it will greet the world in early May.

And seriously, I can’t wait! This book was a blast to write – I can’t wait for you to meet these characters.

The preorder is available for you on Amazon, Target, and Bookshop!

Telecommuting came out in May of 2021 in print and ebook and now I am proud to announce the release of the audiobook version! It sounds amazing and is worth the read… listen? Check it out!

I have an amazing mystery coming (my first pure mystery ever!).

I have a really cool traditional horror project coming in the summer.

And, and, and… there’s more – check out the Coming Soon page to see just how much more (there are stories in anthologies too and speaking engagements and.. wow).

It’ll be a busy, busy year.

Things bumped and it was out of anyone’s control… so now I say…


If you like conferences and listening to panels and learning more about the industry, you might enjoy Writing in the Dark (April 28-May 1). I’ll get to talk with friends about horror and writing and all sorts of things.

So remember, life is what you make it. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Roll with the punches. And finally, my favorite, it’ll all get done.

Until next time!

L. Marie

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