I can feel it coming in the air…

Can’t you?

The warm weather is almost here! It keeps trying to push through, to give us a glimpse of what we can look forward to and I, for one, am here for it. There’s something about feeling the warm air that just makes me happy. But, as I look out at the sun, then to my clock, then back at the sun and shake my head, I am reminded of how much I procrastinate during warm weather. And then I’ve been listening to this guy’s mixes recently, losing more minutes than I will ever admit to dancing along with him at my desk, and I just… I might be in for it, come to think of it.


I will have to have a conversation with myself, the part that just wants to go play. ‘These words won’t write themselves,’ I’ll tell myself soon… after this mix is over:

Speaking of words, I have a few new ones for you! Check THIS out!

A group of friends head out to enjoy a much-deserved night out and paintballing is on the menu. But the team they are playing against has something entirely different in mind.

The friends find themselves in a battle for their lives in unfamiliar terrain against well-equipped opponents whose motivations are both irrational and lethal.  Considered, “… a true trip into the darkest depths of what mankind is capable of at its worst,” by Midwest Book Review, this story is a classic tale of prey combined with slasher film “edge-of-your seat” vibes with a little modern-day relevance to keep you unsettled.

Told two ways in this ground-breaking screenplay/novella combo, The Black Hole will keep you guessing, engaged, and very, very scared.

Steven Van Patten, author of The Brookwater Curse series, said a little more than this about it, but I thought this was particularly cool, “You may never go into the woods again.”

And check out this cover – omgosh, right? I was floored when I saw it. Who do you think the guy up front looks like? Reply and let me know!

This fun novella will be released on March 15, 2022 but you don’t have wait until then to snatch one up. You can preorder your copy today! And while you’re there, Telecommuting is another Mocha Memoirs novella, if you wanted a little more L. Marie Wood in your life! 🙂

In a strange twist of fate (ooh, nice segue, if I do say so myself…and also, now I can’t get that Olivia Newton John song out of my head!), my first foray into a story with a heavy helping of romance comes out right on the heels of The Black Hole. And ooh, I can’t wait for you to check this one out!

A moment in time… insignificant and fleeting for most, but for Nicole, Mark, and Eric, it is life-altering.  Three strangers meet in a town they don’t know in a place they hadn’t expected to end up only to find that they are exactly where they were supposed to be… again. 

Love always finds a way.

Through space and time, past and future, through lifetimes and storylines they were destined to find each other, love each other, lose each other – coordinates and weapons, scenarios and demographics be damned.  A malfunction, to be sure.  But when Ryan tries to tinker with his project, a weapon the likes of which has never been seen in all of the Galactic Collaborative, he finds out just how inexorable their link is… and how insidious.

The beginning of an experimental series that will challenge the way you think about love, life, connection, and purpose, The Tryst will catch you in its whirlwind and never let you go.  Each book in the Affinity series will combine of mixture of mystery, thriller, psychological horror, action, suspense, science fiction elements in differing measures, always with romance as an undercurrent.

Love always finds a way.

But sometimes that way is paved with bones.

This books comes out on March 25, 2022, but heck, why wait? Preorder your copy today!

If you would like to listen to something scary while you fool around on social media, work on a puzzle, wait in the car to pick someone up from somewhere, or whenever you let your mind relax, check this out! My short story, “Hypnopompia”, (say that five times fast…say that just one time at regular cadence…lol!) is brought to life by the folks at The Something Scary Podcast! I get to share space with a good friend of mine too (which makes this whole experience that much better!) so be sure to hang out for R.J. Joseph’s story too – it’s right after mine.

If you like poetry, this collection is sure to provide some interesting, thought-provoking perspectives. And yeah, I’m in it! LOL! I don’t write a lot of poetry and I just can’t tell you how cool it is to be included alongside some real giants in the medium.

I have similar feelings about the Conjuring Worlds textbook. I have a short story in there as well as a critical piece and I am simply ecstatic to be part of a project geared toward educating youths about speculative fiction and how they can navigate the web work. These are due out in late March and early April respectively.

Yeah, I have some words coming your way for sure – and we haven’t even talked about what’s coming the rest of this year! I have some words over on the Horror Writer’s Association that are pretty interesting too. If you were ever curious about my thoughts on horror, check out this interview.

Ok, maybe I should get back to those words, you know, the ones that won’t write themselves.


Until next time,

L. Marie Wood

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