Yep! I write those too!

Writing screenplays has been a passion of mine since the 19-ahems. 🙂 I got my BA from Howard University in Film Production and later made screenwriting the focus of my MA in English and Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University.

I kinda love it.

Check out my screenplays and let’s talk!

Feature Length

Crescendo (Screenplay)

A man, haunted by a family curse, is taken beyond the limits of his sanity to a realm where he has no control over his actions. James Adams lived…

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The Black Hole

A group of friends head out to enjoy a much deserved guys night out and paintballing is on the menu. The team they are playing has something entirely different…

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Six people from different backgrounds – different worlds – are inexorably linked to the future of our existence by the circumstances of their births. They live their lives unaware…

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No one ignores Missy and gets away with it. It’s Firestarter meets The Good Son. A daughter, who is unhappy that she has to share her father with everyone…

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Don’t Answer Your Phone!

When evil permeates a popular mobile app, it is up to a college kid to save the world, starting with his girlfriend. Don’t Answer Your Phone! is horror/sci-fi mashup…

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Shorts (20 pages or less)


Two people in an elevator during the pandemic… what could go wrong?

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Everyone has a celebrity crush and with the rise in popularity of Kpop in the US, language no longer seems to be a barrier. Just how much of your…

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