The Tryst, Affinity Saga, Book 1

A moment in time… insignificant and fleeting for most, but for Nicole, Mark, and Eric, it is life-altering.  Three strangers meet in a town they don’t know in a place they hadn’t expected to end up only to find that they are exactly where they were supposed to be… again. 

Love always finds a way.

Through space and time, past and future, through lifetimes and storylines they were destined to find each other, love each other, lose each other – coordinates and weapons, scenarios and demographics be damned.  A malfunction, to be sure.  But when Ryan tries to tinker with his project, a weapon the likes of which has never been seen in all of the Galactic Collaborative, he finds out just how inexorable their link is… and how insidious.

The first book of a high concept fiction series that will challenge the way you think about love, life, connection, and purpose, The Tryst will catch you in its whirlwind and never let you go.  Each book in the Affinity series will combine of mixture of urban fantasy, mystery, thriller, psychological horror, action, suspense, science fiction elements in differing measures, always with romance as an undercurrent.

Love always finds a way.

But sometimes that way is paved with bones.

What People are Saying About The Tryst:

“L. Marie Wood’s haunting vision of the human journey through life/death and everything in between delivers riveting work that fascinates and thrills.” 

Linda D. Addison, HWA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and SFPA Grand Master

“L. Marie Wood crafts psychological horror you can’t put down.” 

John Edward Lawson, author, Bibliophobia

The Tryst has such a powerful undertone of not only romance, but it blended so well with the horror elements of the story that you were drawn in completely. L. Marie Wood weaves a tale of three people who drawn together to form something so powerful that the love and loss was palpable. Fate, a journey of self discovery, more? Each reader will take away some element from The Tryst that is different and memorable. But one thing is clear, L. Marie Wood leaves you breathless until the very last page is turned….”

– Dahlia Rose, USA Today Bestselling Author

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