Cacophony is Here!!… Well, Kinda…

Let’s have the strangest staggered launch ever, shall we? Book 2 of The Realm is out NOW on Kindle! It’s called Cacophony and if you loved Patrick in book 1 and want to know what happens to Gabby, check it out. If you want to know who Patrick and Gabby are, check out Cacophony andContinue reading “Cacophony is Here!!… Well, Kinda…”

I told you something cool was coming!!

I hinted around it earlier in the year and then outright told you what was on the horizon last month. Well… Here it is… again! This time with its own book trailer! Cacophony is the exciting follow up to The Realm and the story keeps you on your toes. It will be released on OctoberContinue reading “I told you something cool was coming!!”

Could it be…? Yes, it could! Something’s comin’… something good!

Yes… yes I did quote Tony from West Side Story. Because it is so apropos (and a fantastic play too!). I mean, this news… I can barely contain myself because, well, watch… you’ll see: !!! See what I mean? I am over the moon about Cacophony! Seriously excited to share the next book in thisContinue reading “Could it be…? Yes, it could! Something’s comin’… something good!”