Got a few minutes?

Wanna fill a few minutes in your day with book talk? I was lucky enough to be on Michael Williams’ Social Distancing Radio show and the discussion just went live! It is coffee break short and worth a listen! 🙂 Check it out!

Something to listen to, something to read, something to watch

Hey you guys! The scary season is in full swing and, you know, if you forgot the thing I have been talking about nonstop, allow me to remind you here that my novel, The Realm, is coming out NEXT WEEK!!! (WOOOHOOO!!! Excuse me… I digress.) As we inch toward that momentous date (LOL!), let meContinue reading “Something to listen to, something to read, something to watch”

Hot off the Press!

Stuff, stuff, and more stuff! Listen to readings of soon to be released material from some interesting names in the romance, thriller, mystery, and psychological horror genres! Ok, I’m the only psychological horror author on the panel, but whatever! 🙂 Check us out at ConTinual on 10/7!

Ooooh… scary!

I spent some time talking about the movies that scare me, and I mean bonafide scares – the kind that make you pull the covers up under your nose or turn on all the lights in the house. There were several favorites mentioned on the panel and some new finds that are absolutely terrifying. MaybeContinue reading “Ooooh… scary!”

Why do people like to be frightened?

No, really, why? When I was conducting research for my dissertation, I was faced with this very question.  As a person who creates horror fiction, I had never really considered the reasons why horror fiction was popular.  I just knew I liked writing it and people liked reading it.  But when you stop and thinkContinue reading “Why do people like to be frightened?”

Talking about vampires at StoryFest 2020!

If you love vampires, you won’t want to miss this fun conversation about the classic and contemporary antagonists that we adore! Join me as I chat with Michelle Renee Lane and Gwendolyn Kiste – two powerhouse horror authors – about one of my favorite subjects… the fanged ones! See you there tonight, September 15th @Continue reading “Talking about vampires at StoryFest 2020!”