Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Seriously… BRRRR!

The end of October was so mild and November started off pretty mild but now that cold wind cuts to the bone and all I want is to get inside, put on some sweatpants and warm socks, and drink some hot chocolate. LOL! How are you feeling these days?

So, let’s see… what cool stuff has been going on here? Well:

  • I just got four Official Selections for three of my screenplays (Inexorable, Elevator, and Don’t Answer Your Phone!). All of you who are wishing me good vibes in the movie world, keep putting that out in the universe, please, because you are making good things happen!
  • I’ve been writing! I’ve finished three short stories and a poem since we last spoke and I’m kind of excited about that! I’m about to start writing the next novel. It’s about… hahaha! You thought I might slip, didn’t you? But NOPE!
  • I saw the cover for The Tryst and, oh my gosh, it is AMAZING! I can’t wait for you to see it! The Tryst is book #1 of my experimental series that is coming out in February 2022. Here’s a snippet from the webpage:

The Tryst is the beginning of an experimental series that will challenge the way you think about love, life, connection, and purpose, The Tryst will catch you in its whirlwind and never let you go.  Each book in the Affinity series will combine of mixture of mystery, thriller, psychological horror, action, suspense, science fiction elements in differing measures, always with romance as an undercurrent.

Love always finds a way.

But sometimes that way is paved with bones.

Learn more on the website!

What else?

Crescendo came out… again! My first novel has been re-released by Cedar Grove Publishing and it is flipping gorgeous. Crescendo is a novel about fate and the lengths we will travel to avoid the inevitable. Set in tranquil Rockland County, New York, this tale of suspense and horror will take listeners on an emotional roller coaster of anger, anxiety, compassion, and indelible fear.

Welcome back, sweetheart. I LOVE your new dress!

And lastly…

SFA is OPEN! We are adding classes every week and having a blast doing it! Do you know someone with a passion for writing? This is a FANTASTIC holiday gift for the writer in your life… even if that writer is YOU!

Sign up for the annual membership (best value – a month FREE!) or take an individual class. Buy a gift card for someone. Do something amazing for yourself.

Come learn with us!

Well, I think that is everything for now!

Until next time…

L. Marie Wood

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