We are going LIVE!

Remember when I told you about the Speculative Fiction Academy? Well, we are going live on Halloween! Boy, oh boy, do we have LOTS of amazing classes for you!

Come check out what SFA has to offer today. And there’s more coming. So much more!

Get ready!

What else is going on? Everything! All the stuff. I’ve watched 28 horror movies this month (my annual 31 horror movies in October activity). Lots of new ones too, but I did have to make sure that I saw my season faves like the original Fright Night, Christine, and of course I will watch Halloween on Halloween.

Book 2 of The Realm series released this month and I am so incredibly pumped about that!

And MultiverseCon was an entire mood.

So, yeah… not much! 🙂

Celebrate with me on Sunday! SFA has been a labor of love and I am so excited to release it into the world. I’ll be dancing in my seat – you bust a move in your space too, ok?

Until next time,

L. Marie

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