Speculative Fiction Academy

After years in the industry, having studied, written, and taught actively, I wanted to do something to help writers navigate the literary landscape. Having been active since the late 1990s (wow, that looks different when it’s written down!) I have stepped into the potholes that dot the road, so to speak, have had enough “gotcha” moments to write a three volume series. I wanted to share that knowledge beyond infusing writing elements into traditional classes. I wanted to provide information that genre writers would find valuable… something they could sink their teeth into (pun intended).

Hence, the Speculative Fiction Academy was born!

And oh, it’s so much more than just classes.

From our website (I LOVE this description!):

The Speculative Fiction Academy provides an environment where people interested in creating in the genre space can flourish.  Students will be able to learn about the things that interest them – faeries and vampires, warlocks and shapeshifters, and everything in between. They will learn worldbuilding, character development, pacing, and tone as well as marketing concepts, branding techniques, publishing practices, and audio considerations.  


There are five curriculum tracks and three delivery styles. There are industry professionals teaching the stuff they know best. Best of all, there is community.

SFA is the school I wish I could have attended myself.

If you are a genre writer, a non fiction writer, a podcaster, a screenwriter, someone who wants to learn their way around the dark, the fantastic, or the unknown, SFA is perfect for you. If you are seasoned in one genre and want to learn something new, SFA is the place to be. Check us out!

If you want to learn more about my work as an educator, click here!

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