It’s Friday the 13th!



I know how corny that was – whatever! But how can you resist doing it today, the one day when you can walk around making strange sounds and people smile and nod, instead of looking at you like you are crazy? Well, this Friday the 13th, you are making that sound from behind a mask… and that might still get you the side eye…

Have you ever stopped to think about why Friday the 13th is such a weird day? Long before Jason Voorhees terrorized people at Camp Crystal Lake, there was some superstition about this day. Learn more about it here , if you dare!

Looking for something to do on a Saturday night? Come hang out with me at ConTinual! My author spotlight starts at 7:00 pm EST on 11/14 and I’ll be doing a reading, talking about spooky stuff, and signing books for you!


Do you use Goodreads? If you do, would you add The Realm to your “Want to Read” list or “Currently Reading” if you are in the thick of it, maybe even add it to the reading lists that the site has, like Horror Novels, Horror Novels by Women, etc.?


If you have read The Realm, would you share your thoughts? Post a review at Amazon and Goodreads, share the news with your friends, gift a copy of the book to them so they can get to know Patrick and run alongside him. Your words matter.

Alright, folks. It’s Friday the 13th. There have been, what, 12 Friday the 13th movies? None of us know if Jason is really dead. Stay safe out there.

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