Well, that was quick!

April is almost over and I didn’t realize it until today! The month flew by for me – how about you? I can’t even put my finger on what happened… I mean, I had some fantastic professional wins (!!!!) and wrote 7 short stories (ok!!!!!), but still. Maybe when you have this dude on loop when you’re at your desk, time is looser, more of a state of mind:

Things are HAPPENING!!

I’m a 2023 Imadjinn Award Finalist for my short story, “The Room”! This nomination made me realize something extremely cool. It’s a personal accomplishment that I hadn’t recognized before – one of those humbling moments. You guys, I have now either won or been nominated for an award for everything that I write in the creative space –

  • Short Stories – Most recent nomination for The Imadjinn award
  • Poetry – Nominated for a Rhysling award
  • Non-fiction – Nominated for a Stoker Award
  • Novel – Won the Golden Stake Award for The Promise Keeper
  • Screenplays – Won over 30 awards including Screenplay of the Year

Hot damn!

I’m floored.

I’m honored (no, I won’t start the name game like I did last newsletter, I promise!).

I’m thankful.

Since we spoke last, I judged a gross out contest that was truly nasty, had the world’s most interrupted interview ever (what was likely supposed to be about 5 minutes ended up being over 25 because of the author visitors who came to tell me cool stuff and never saw the camera rolling. LOL! It was a blast!). My novella/short story collection companion set (The Open Book and The Tales of Time) was released to critical acclaim – if you haven’t checked this set out, you should. Join the conversation – it is riveting.

The trilogy is now complete! Accursed is out (in paperback – Kindle is coming soon!) and that marks the end of this otherworldly tale. Find out what happens to Patrick and the family he so desperately wants to protect.

I shed a tear.

Origins, Book 2 of the Affinity Series didn’t release, as you know. I am so sorry. Changes abound with this saga, so stay tuned!!

Mars, The Band Man, and Sara Sue is ALMOST HERE! My first pure mystery/suspense/thriller, and it’s a fun throwback novel with a relatable character you’ll love, quirks and all! Sara Sue sees something she shouldn’t have seen, and now she’s gotta do something about it!

I had a blast writing this!

It will be available on May 2nd!

I’m thinking about doing a book party one of these days. Go on Facebook Live, sign some stock, and get it to you – very much like the way people did home parties online for candles and clothes at the end of the 2010s. The parties were fun and high energy. I loved that vibe, so I may try to revive it with books. Sound like fun? Stay tuned!

Movie news! We are starting up in the festival circuit! 271 Raeburn Avenue will be making the rounds at festivals shortly and I am so excited (and nervous and pumped, and, and, and…). Here’s the trailer again – check it out, like it, share it, spread the word. It is a really amazing thing to see people interpreting your work and doing their best performances in the world you’ve created. It’s… breathtaking.

I think that’s all I have for this month! I hope you are well and I look forward to what the next month brings!

Until next time…

L. Marie

Honored, Honored, Fo-Fonored

This is the month where we honor women, so I might as well start from the the title! Do you remember The Name Game? Shirley Ellis brought us this stick-in-your-head gem back in 1964 and I don’t know about you, but I use the lyric play in conversation randomly (you know you do too… be honest!).

I titled this post ‘Honored’ and I truly am. Some amazing things have been happening for me and I am so thankful and, yes, honored to experience them. As of this writing, I am a two-time Bram Stoker Award® nominated author. My short nonfiction pieces, “The Horror of Hair” and “African American Horror Authors and their Craft: The Evolution of Horror Fiction from African Folklore” are on the final ballot and I couldn’t be more excited.

If you are an Active or Lifetime member and want to check them out, let me know – voting ends on 3/15!

My poem, “Beautiful” was nominated for a Rhysling Award! I am speechless about this. I am honored to be among some of the best to ever do it. If you want to learn more about the world of speculative poetry, check out the SFPA.

I got the neatest surprise the other day! In an article with a lead that said THE FUTURE OF HORROR IS FEMALE, my work was showcased alongside five other female authors doing things in the genre. How cool!!

The Horror Writers Association did a horror spotlight interview with me and Black Women in Horror (BWIH) included me in their beautifully curated magazine.

I got the chance to play a little bit with Retro Ridoctopus where I talked about my novella/short story collection companion series (The Open Book and The Tales of Time) that just came out. Fun interview – you can listen to it here.

I wrote an article for Horror Tree about Women in Horror that dives into the history of the genre and where we are now. It’s pretty interesting. You can check it out here.

Really, all of this blows my mind.

I am also on Cloud 9 over the release of my romance/sci-fi/horror mashup beauty that just came out. Origins is book 2 of the Affinity Saga and I just love, love, love hanging out with these characters in the strange little world they inhabit. It is different writing for me and I am having a blast with it. In fact, I just finished editing BOOK 4 last night! 🙂

Come play with us!

Did you know that The Realm Trilogy is now complete?

I had a blast writing this series and am honored to present the whole thing to you now. So, so cool. And the ending?!?!?


If you like a fast-paced story with twists and turns, some sci-fi, and mind-bending psychological horror, this is the series for you.

Do you love to write and want to learn more about genre (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, paranormal romance)? Do you have a movie running in your head that you want to get down on paper? I am honored to bring you classes to help you do just that (see what I did there?). Hone your skills with the help of industry professionals at the Speculative Fiction Academy (SFA).

Thank you for letting me do the thing I love: write! I’m HONORED to… ok, I’ll stop. LOL!

Until next time…

L. Marie

Ok, 2023! I see you!

February is an amazing month! It’s Black History Month, the former Women in Horror Month, my birthday month, and the month where I will have THREE releases!



For you traditional horror fans comes a novella and short story collection combo about a book filled with stories that are to die for (I wish you could see the smirk I have on my face right now!)

On February 16th please welcome these beauties from Falstaff Books:

For all you lovers our there… lovers who don’t mind a little sci-fi and a little horror mixed in, that is, catch up with the Affinity Series. Book 2, Origins, comes out on February 23rd! Haven’t read Book 1 yet? Check out The Tryst!

I can’t wait for you to see these amazing books! I had a lot of fun writing them.

What else is goings on (channeling Bernie Mac right now)?

I taught a class at HWA’s Horror University called Decoding Screenwriting. Two hours worth of myth busting, tools for your toolkit, facts, and practicum. If you’ve ever wanted to write a screenplay, were in need of a screenwriting refresher, or wanted some practical industry knowledge, this is the course for you. Check it out!

I have the distinct honor of making it onto the preliminary ballot for the Stoker award in the short nonfiction category… twice! My two pieces: “African American Horror Authors and their Craft: The Evolution of Horror Fiction from African Folklore” and “The Horror of Hair” are in the running and I couldn’t be more excited. If you are an Active or Lifetime member and want to check them out, let me know!

It’s also love month and I am sending this newsletter on love day – not to be confused with Love Shot… though… wait…

I haven’t been able to get this song out of my mind, so I thought I’d share the love… shot! LOL! I ended up down a rabbit hole and have a bunch of new Exo favorites now. If the same happens to you, well, you’re welcome!

I’m doing my annual movie marathon – African Diaspora contribution this month. Join me on Twitter (@LMarieWood1) or FB (facebook.com/LMarieWood) to get in on the fun! We’ve already covered Blacula, Moonlight, and New Jack City (a classic, folks). Wonder what’ll be next.

Until next time…

L. Marie

Out with the old and in with the new!

The end of the year is the time when many reflect on what happened and what they would like to see themselves doing in the coming year. Good. Do that… as long as you learn lessons from what you’ve experienced and remain accountable to those future goals. Don’t spend a lot of effort wishing the year could have been different – I have recently had a fact reinforced to me, one that I thought I already knew, but never really understood to the magnitude I do now until about three days ago: things happen for a reason.


They do.

If you have the presence of mind to see the path whatever that “thing” happening in your life took to get you where you are, you will be amazed. That’s not to say you shouldn’t put in effort or you shouldn’t strive for something that feels out of reach. You should. But when you don’t get exactly what you want (and you won’t, not all the time) wait a beat and see what else might be coming. There’s a reason you didn’t get or do that specific thing at that specific moment. Wait for it. It may still be coming to you – or something else – and it will get there EXACTLY when its supposed to.

This year has been a whirlwind for me – so many things happened that I didn’t see coming… so many things were supposed to come to fruition that did not. But guess what? The way I see it, 2023 is going to have all of those things that I was waiting for in 2022 AND MORE, and folks, THAT is going to be flipping amazing!

Get ready for these individual titles in 2023:

Plus another sumthin’ sumthin’ or two towards the end of the year that I’m gonna just stay quiet about right now 🙂

You’ll also find these releases coming out this year with a contribution from lil ole me (so far!):

I’ll be speaking at some places, like the Final Girls Conference out of Berlin, Scares that Care, and ConTinual. And I will be reprising my role as Horror Track Programming Director at MultiverseCon!

Also, my movie will be done! I can’t wait to check out the road this takes me on! I can’t help but share the trailer again:

Good stuff next year, even if there were some lefts that should have been rights along the way this year. Some of the lefts left me frustrated. But ALL of the rights left me elated!

My to do list next year has three new things on it that I never thought I’d write down, and I am up for the challenge. The important question for you to ask yourself about your own new year list is, ‘Are you?

And since I mentioned sumthin’ sumthin’, here’s some Maxwell to close out the year:

Happy New Year!!

Until next time…

L. Marie

So, this is Christmas…

Snow on the ground.  Hot chocolate in steaming mugs.  Christmas lights twinkling on the tree.  Pick your song and cue the music (“Baby, it’s cold outside,”, “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,”), and sway… don’t forget to sway.  This scenario is as familiar as they come.  It represents the making of memories, the ones you call upon throughout the year to bring you joy, a sense of belonging, and love.  It is also the default scene for many Christmas horror movies and those of us who like that kind of thing get nostalgic just thinking of cold winter nights with a good slasher film on the TV.  Ah, the holidays.

If you’re looking for a good (and that’s a relative term, mind you) Christmas horror movie, check this list out.  It goes beyond Gremlins, A Christmas Carol (because… ghosts), and The Night Before Christmas, folks – they are must-see Christmas horror movies in their own right, but you knew that already.  So settle in, pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate, and pull the covers around you real tight… because everyone knows that the covers hide you from what’s lurking in the shadows, the thing waiting in the shadowy place just beyond the flickering lights on your Christmas tree… right?

Black Christmas – Don’t mess with girls in their sorority house… period.  The 1974 original stars Margot Kidder pre-Superman fame and is a slasher movie through and through.  Halloween may have put slasher movies on the map, but Black Christmas is the precursor in the genre.  Alert – there was a remake made in 2019.  There was also one made in 2006.  Compare and contrast, if you dare!

Silent Night, Deadly Night – The beginning of a franchise, Silent Night, Deadly Night might be the most recognizable title in the Christmas slasher genre.  A boy, traumatized at a young age, is triggered later in life to reenact his parents’ gruesome murders.  And then the bleeding commences. 

Krampus – Don’t believe in the spirit of Christmas?  You’d better get yourself in gear before Krampus comes to visit.  The antithesis of Santa Claus, Krampus punishes those who misbehave in the most terrifying of ways.  Kind of sheds new light on the lyrics of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, doesn’t it?

Being a little spooked inside the confines of one’s own home is not relegated Halloween – stories of home invasions frightening us out of our sleep and hallucinations of flying animals attest to that (you know, ‘Twas the… I know you know).  So, give in.  Add a little Christmas fear with your Christmas cheer!

My gift to you…

I have never written a Christmas horror short story before… until now! Thanks to the folks at Snarled, this little beauty was animated for their Something Scary YouTube Channel. Check it out if you dare!

Give yourself a gift!

Treat yourself to some L. Marie Wood. There’s a scare out there for everyone… and a little romance too! Grab an ebook for your Kindle just in time for the holidays! Happy holidays, folks!

Until next time,

L. Marie

Spooky Season

October is a very cool month for us horror writers. It’s the month when a lot of people are interested in the same things we are every other day of the year – creepy movies, things that go bump in the night, scary stories by candlelight… you know, stuff like that. It’s the time when liking horror movies is cool rather than cause for side eye, and cosplay is a shared experience rather than something to gawk it. For those of us who live and breathe this kind of stuff on a daily basis, know that we welcome you, part time horror folks! We enjoy giving movie suggestions and sharing the horror titles on our ‘to be read’ lists. We love helping you put together the perfect costume for the party you are going to. Some of us know where you can get black lipstick that will come off without having to scrub your lips raw. Many of us know who makes the best pumpkin cheesecake in our respective towns.

Welcome, friends! 🙂 We’re happy to have you.

Every October I embark on a 31 Days of Horror Movies challenge and I absolutely adore the journey. This October I have watched some really cool movies, such as Creep, Old People, and Incantation. Follow me on FB (www.facebook.com/LMarieWood) or Twitter (@LMarieWood1) to join the fun. Any time I watch a movie I like, I post about it – it’s the film theory geek in me, I can’t help it. So, follow me and join in the discussion.

Cool things are happening right now:

  • My screenplay, Low Budget, won a couple of film festivals this month! I am so honored. What started as a little idea in the back of my mind has turned into something that has touched people enough to consider it for an award… and then it actually WON! WOWZA! The tagline: Territory is important, as a film crew racing against time finds out when they get caught in the crossfire of the undead. It’s a fun story!
  • I am literally the doctor of scary things. I successfully defended my dissertation and have earned a PhD in Creative Writing. You may have to put up with some doctor jokes – I mean, most likely yes, this will happen. WOOHOO!
  • Under Her Skin, the anthology where my poem “Beautiful” is housed, won First Place in Bookfest Book Awards! HOLY COW!!!
  • The crowfunding effort for Blackened Roots: An Anthology of the Undead came out this month. I am honored to be on the TOC with such greats as Sheree Renee Thomas, Eden Royce, Steve Van Patten, and more. If you want to contribute to this amazing publishing project, check it out here!

I am waiting with bated breath for the third novel in The Realm Trilogy to hit the stores. It is bittersweet to wrap up this story, but I did so with respect for the the journey… and what a heck of a run it has been! Accursed is due out in the middle of Dec. Preorder today!

My first mystery novel is hot on Accursed’s heels (that’s just how it goes sometimes!). Mars, The Band Man, and Sara Sue is available in Dec – stay tuned for more on this one!

  • Perhaps the coolest of them all hasn’t happened just yet. The trailer for my first short film, 271 Raeburn Avenue, is scheduled to drop on Halloween!!!


That is freaking awesome for a horror lover like me! Follow me on FB and/or Twitter so you don’t miss it! For now, here is the boss poster:

We launched a new horror class at the Speculative Fiction Academy this month, adding to our pretty robust offering in the genre. It’s called Religion and Horror and if you ever wanted to figure out how to make that subgenre work, this class is a must see. Check it out!

That’s all I have, folks, but before I go, allow me to make this Public Service Announcement: Award season is upon us and I have a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of goodies that are eligible this year. If you are so inclined, please take a look at the list and do your thing! If you saw the list before, I have added two new pieces to it, so give it another look.

And now I leave you with the great Screaming Jay Hawkins, because why not?

Happy Halloween!

Until next time,

L. Marie Wood

For Real?

That’s what I found myself saying when what I am about to tell you became reality. For real? Seriously?? Stop playing! (I became my teenage self again for like 10 solid minutes!) And even though the initial shock has changed from surprise and disbelief to elation since everything has been finalized and the process has begun, I still pinch myself about the whole thing. What whole thing, you might be wondering?

This whole thing…





I didn’t dare to dream of this – it seemed so out of reach. Archiving was for people like Maya Angelou and James Baldwin. People whose words MATTERED. All I ever wanted was for my words to impact people; I only wanted to touch people, have my words linger and stay with them, and (considering the fact that I do write psychological horror fiction, after all) scare them. I never thought beyond that – at least not consciously. But now, as I look at what has come to pass and think about what it means, I see something that I had not considered before at play. While I was working with my head down, putting my words into the world and hoping they resonated with people at the same time wondering if those words were just floating in ther air or falling on deaf ears, people were actually connecting with them. People really did see the contribution that I (the female, African American, unrepentant pantser, horror fiction author than I am) made to the literary community. And that contribution matters. Now my words will be available forever alongside giants like George Romero and Linda Addison. Now my “papers” (OMG I just love that!) will be accessible to students who need to know that pantsing is a viable way to write and that their chicken scratch can amount to a beautiful story, that their genre mixing actual can work and only speaks to their versatility. They will be available to students in school now and 200 years from now. Now I know, without a doubt, that my words will impact people… that my words MATTER.


That’s some heady stuff.

I will never be over it.

Honored, thankful, floored, humbled, pumped – I am all of these things at once and will always be.

And I will keep putting my words out there because, guys, I am just getting started.

Speaking of… (the segue wasn’t awesome this time, but not the worst! LOL!)

I have a few “words” coming out soon!

Accursed is book 3 of The Realm Trilogy… it’s the end of the story and it is a banger, if I do say so myself! So much movement, so much tension… this series closes with gusto. (This is NOT the cover – the cover reveal will be SOON!) Out Mid October!

Mars, The Band Man, and Sara Sue – this is my first mystery and it was great fun putting together! There’s something to be said for minding your own business… just sayin’. This is a throwback novel and I love it! Out Mid November!

I signed a couple of contracts for work that will be out in 2023. Short stories and poetry, and then there are the big ‘uns like book 2 of the Affinity Saga (Origins) due out in Feb and that colossal project between me and Falstaff Books that kicks off in Feb as well (traditional horror fun, you guys!). Can’t wait for you to see!

These are also my words!!

Yes, you are seeing this right – this is a MOVIE POSTER!!!

My short screenplay, 271 Raeburn Avenue, will be on the silver screen soon! Filming is done and the movie is in post production (look all that film lingo!! LOL!). I got the chance to hang out on set for a day and watch some of the scenes unfold. I have to tell you, watching people act out a scene you wrote and speak lines you came up with in the middle of the night in front of your computer is an experience like no other. I loved every minute I got to spend with this amazing cast and crew. I can’t wait to be able to share more about this!

Umm… what else?

Oh! This cool thing happened! My alma mater, Southern New Hampshire University) put up an article about speculative fiction that had a few of my thoughts in it, as well as a picture! I love this! This is one of the articles that prospective students will have access to when considering attending the school and I am so happy to be able to encourage and assist in that way. Check it out – it’s an interesting read!

I’ll be speaking at a few places in October. I am so excited about these events – I get to put on my professor hat AND keep on my creative one at the same time! I’ll talk about Candyman, zombies, and horror proper in that order. WOOT!

What else have I been doing?

I have not had a ton of time to read recently (surprise, surprise!), but I have been able to watch a few things. The standout for me since we last discussed film and TV is Bulgasal: Immortal Souls. Great acting, interesting storyline, and an almost continual shift of perspective that makes you hunt for the bad guy only to find that you might actually be rooting for them! Loved this series. Loved Lee Joon in this (from The Silent Sea, a sci-fi horror series that I raved about a few newsletters ago). Definitely worth watching.

Quick notes – Are you watching Cobra Kai? If not, you probably should be! So much fun, and not just for those of us who remember watching the first Karate Kid movie when it came out in theaters!

And… did you hear that Sweet Home is getting two more seasons?!?!? YASS!!!!

I think that’s it for now!

Until next time…

L. Marie

Who doesn’t LOVE a Sale?!


This is a short one – I just wanted to let you know that I just made it easier for you to binge me!


Check out my 50% off sale (through 9/7) – use this code to unlock: Binge

Embrace the Horror

Pick up The Realm and Cacophony at 50% off before the final book in the trilogy, Accursed, comes out this October!

I‘ll sign every copy!

Until next time…

L. Marie

Work Eligible for Awards (2022)

Hey guys!

This year has been an awesome publishing year for me and I am so honored to sit back and take stock of what has happened. To that end, I’d like to share all of my work that is available for awards this year in the hopes that, if you are so inclined, you will consider throwing the titles into the ring. So far, here’s what’s available:

Short Fiction

“Hypnopompia”.  Something Scary Podcast   (February 2022)

When you wake up to a nightmare…

“Once a Month”.  Conjuring Worlds: Afrofuturist Textbook for Middle and High School Students. (March 2022)        

Coming of age when things are not what they seem.

“A Warm Fall Day”. Picnic in the Graveyard. (April 2022)

Perspective… it’s a thing.

“It’s the Little Things”.  The Outlet, Bloom Where You Are Planted, published in April 2022 by Blue Ridge Community and Technical College

Home alone… Home. Alone… 

“The Room”. Campfire Macabre, Vol. 2 published in October 2022 by Cemetery Gates Media

Some doors shouldn’t be opened.

Short Non Fiction 

African American Horror Authors and Their Craft: The Evolution of Horror Fiction from African Folklore.  Conjuring Worlds: An Afrofuturist Textbook for Middle and High School Students. (March 2022)  

The Horror of Hair.  Nightmare Magazine, Issue 118. (June 2022)  Hair. Ornament. Source of power. Source of beauty. Whether decoration or burden, hair is at the forefront of many cultures and has been a part of the body consciousness of women since the dawn of time. Some cultures consider it a most prized possession, one that should be donated to the gods in thanks for favor. Others consider it a defining characteristic, one that speaks of a person’s background, upbringing, and worth. 

Long Non Fiction

About Horror: The Study and Craft.  Mocha Memoirs Books    (April 2022) This text is a comprehensive deep dive into the study of horror fiction.  With importance placed on knowing the history of the genre and how integral to storytelling research is, this textbook will serve as a reference guide for anyone interested in writing in the horror genre.  This work, which is accessible and detailed at the same time, offers practical scenarios and industry secrets alongside subgenre review and creative writing instruction. 

Long Fiction

The Black Hole.  Mocha Memoirs Books (March 2022)

A group of friends head out to enjoy a much-deserved night out and paintballing is on the menu. But the team they are playing against has something entirely different in mind.

The friends find themselves in a battle for their lives in unfamiliar terrain against well-equipped opponents whose motivations are both irrational and lethal.  Considered, “… a true trip into the darkest depths of what mankind is capable of at its worst,” by Midwest Book Review, this story is a classic tale of prey combined with slasher film “edge-of-your seat” vibes with a little modern-day relevance to keep you unsettled.

Told two ways in this ground-breaking screenplay/novella combo, The Black Hole will keep you guessing, engaged, and very, very scared.


The Tryst: Affinity Series, Book 1. Cedar Grove Publishing (May 2022)  

A moment in time… insignificant and fleeting for most, but for Nicole, Mark, and Eric, it is life-altering.  Three strangers meet in a town they don’t know in a place they hadn’t expected to end up only to find that they are exactly where they were supposed to be… again. 

Love always finds a way.

Through space and time, past and future, through lifetimes and storylines they were destined to find each other, love each other, lose each other – coordinates and weapons, scenarios and demographics be damned.  A malfunction, to be sure.  But when Ryan tries to tinker with his project, a weapon the likes of which has never been seen in all of the Galactic Collaborative, he finds out just how inexorable their link is… and how insidious.

Accursed: Book 3 of The Realm Trilogy. Cedar Grove Publishing (December 2022)  

She walks alone in the darkness feeling the coolness of the air on her skin when she shouldn’t – not anymore.  She is unfamiliar with the place, the tall trees that were suddenly there, manifesting as the world she knew, the one filled with other things, other people, another life only moments before, began to melt away – but she is not afraid.  Because Gabby is where she was destined to be.

Gabby has come home.

Her family greets her with sadness in their eyes, the pain of loss evident on their faces and she strides into a house made from memories.  They had fought so hard to save her from The Realm, the place that had stolen the ever after of their ancestors for centuries.  But they had failed and even as they welcomed one of their own – the daughter whose hair Doug had smoothed when she was little – they were in danger of losing two more to that wretched nothingness.  They were in danger of losing everything.

Accursed, the final book in The Realm series, puts Patrick, his son Doug, and his granddaughter Gabby together in a fight against an evil that is hungry for the souls of all the people he loves – of every soul that would descend from his line.  Surrounded by seen and unseen foes, Patrick and his family must try to save the only two people left who could turn the tide: Gabby’s children. 

But Chris…

He’s falling from the sky before their very eyes…


“Beautiful”. Under Her Skin. (April 2022)

Dark horror, but the title says it all.

Whew! I’ve been busy! 🙂

There are a few awards that these works can be considered for – the ones that come to mind for me are:

If you think of others and want to nominate something of mine, I would be beyond grateful. If you have not yet read the above works, please let me know what you are interested in and I will send it/them to you (you can ABSOLUTELY request more than one!).

Thanks for for considering!

Until next time…

L. Marie