The Gore You Never Asked For:

The Scary Shit we do in Real Life, Part 2:  Santa Claus Santa Claus.  Kris Kringle.  Jolly Old Saint Nick.  Father Christmas.  St. Nicholas, the real-life 4th century bishop who gave gifts to the needy.  You’ve likely referred to the gift-giving rosy-cheeked man in red by one of those names in your lifetime.  You probablyContinue reading “The Gore You Never Asked For:”

“I am the female Blade” and other golden nuggets

Yes, I said it. I am the female Blade. If you want to know why, you’ll have to check out this interview over at It’s worth the read, I will say that! LOL! So, what have you been up to since the last time I sent out blog post? Nothing? Everything? Both at theContinue reading ““I am the female Blade” and other golden nuggets”

It’s Friday the 13th!

Shhhshhhshhhshhhh… Ahhhahhhahhhahhh… I know how corny that was – whatever! But how can you resist doing it today, the one day when you can walk around making strange sounds and people smile and nod, instead of looking at you like you are crazy? Well, this Friday the 13th, you are making that sound from behindContinue reading “It’s Friday the 13th!”

Got plans on Thursday night?

So… whatcha doin’ on Thursday night? If you have some time, why not join us at The Realm’s Book Launch party? There will be readings and a discussion between myself and horror fiction-loving clergy about the afterlife (such fun!), and maybe even (absolutely for sure) a giveaway! So, yeah, come check us out! The partyContinue reading “Got plans on Thursday night?”

Something to listen to, something to read, something to watch

Hey you guys! The scary season is in full swing and, you know, if you forgot the thing I have been talking about nonstop, allow me to remind you here that my novel, The Realm, is coming out NEXT WEEK!!! (WOOOHOOO!!! Excuse me… I digress.) As we inch toward that momentous date (LOL!), let meContinue reading “Something to listen to, something to read, something to watch”