Well, that was quick!

April is almost over and I didn’t realize it until today! The month flew by for me – how about you? I can’t even put my finger on what happened… I mean, I had some fantastic professional wins (!!!!) and wrote 7 short stories (ok!!!!!), but still. Maybe when you have this dude on loop when you’re at your desk, time is looser, more of a state of mind:

Things are HAPPENING!!

I’m a 2023 Imadjinn Award Finalist for my short story, “The Room”! This nomination made me realize something extremely cool. It’s a personal accomplishment that I hadn’t recognized before – one of those humbling moments. You guys, I have now either won or been nominated for an award for everything that I write in the creative space –

  • Short Stories – Most recent nomination for The Imadjinn award
  • Poetry – Nominated for a Rhysling award
  • Non-fiction – Nominated for a Stoker Award
  • Novel – Won the Golden Stake Award for The Promise Keeper
  • Screenplays – Won over 30 awards including Screenplay of the Year

Hot damn!

I’m floored.

I’m honored (no, I won’t start the name game like I did last newsletter, I promise!).

I’m thankful.

Since we spoke last, I judged a gross out contest that was truly nasty, had the world’s most interrupted interview ever (what was likely supposed to be about 5 minutes ended up being over 25 because of the author visitors who came to tell me cool stuff and never saw the camera rolling. LOL! It was a blast!). My novella/short story collection companion set (The Open Book and The Tales of Time) was released to critical acclaim – if you haven’t checked this set out, you should. Join the conversation – it is riveting.

The trilogy is now complete! Accursed is out (in paperback – Kindle is coming soon!) and that marks the end of this otherworldly tale. Find out what happens to Patrick and the family he so desperately wants to protect.

I shed a tear.

Origins, Book 2 of the Affinity Series didn’t release, as you know. I am so sorry. Changes abound with this saga, so stay tuned!!

Mars, The Band Man, and Sara Sue is ALMOST HERE! My first pure mystery/suspense/thriller, and it’s a fun throwback novel with a relatable character you’ll love, quirks and all! Sara Sue sees something she shouldn’t have seen, and now she’s gotta do something about it!

I had a blast writing this!

It will be available on May 2nd!

I’m thinking about doing a book party one of these days. Go on Facebook Live, sign some stock, and get it to you – very much like the way people did home parties online for candles and clothes at the end of the 2010s. The parties were fun and high energy. I loved that vibe, so I may try to revive it with books. Sound like fun? Stay tuned!

Movie news! We are starting up in the festival circuit! 271 Raeburn Avenue will be making the rounds at festivals shortly and I am so excited (and nervous and pumped, and, and, and…). Here’s the trailer again – check it out, like it, share it, spread the word. It is a really amazing thing to see people interpreting your work and doing their best performances in the world you’ve created. It’s… breathtaking.

I think that’s all I have for this month! I hope you are well and I look forward to what the next month brings!

Until next time…

L. Marie

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