Honored, Honored, Fo-Fonored

This is the month where we honor women, so I might as well start from the the title! Do you remember The Name Game? Shirley Ellis brought us this stick-in-your-head gem back in 1964 and I don’t know about you, but I use the lyric play in conversation randomly (you know you do too… be honest!).

I titled this post ‘Honored’ and I truly am. Some amazing things have been happening for me and I am so thankful and, yes, honored to experience them. As of this writing, I am a two-time Bram Stoker Award® nominated author. My short nonfiction pieces, “The Horror of Hair” and “African American Horror Authors and their Craft: The Evolution of Horror Fiction from African Folklore” are on the final ballot and I couldn’t be more excited.

If you are an Active or Lifetime member and want to check them out, let me know – voting ends on 3/15!

My poem, “Beautiful” was nominated for a Rhysling Award! I am speechless about this. I am honored to be among some of the best to ever do it. If you want to learn more about the world of speculative poetry, check out the SFPA.

I got the neatest surprise the other day! In an article with a lead that said THE FUTURE OF HORROR IS FEMALE, my work was showcased alongside five other female authors doing things in the genre. How cool!!

The Horror Writers Association did a horror spotlight interview with me and Black Women in Horror (BWIH) included me in their beautifully curated magazine.

I got the chance to play a little bit with Retro Ridoctopus where I talked about my novella/short story collection companion series (The Open Book and The Tales of Time) that just came out. Fun interview – you can listen to it here.

I wrote an article for Horror Tree about Women in Horror that dives into the history of the genre and where we are now. It’s pretty interesting. You can check it out here.

Really, all of this blows my mind.

I am also on Cloud 9 over the release of my romance/sci-fi/horror mashup beauty that just came out. Origins is book 2 of the Affinity Saga and I just love, love, love hanging out with these characters in the strange little world they inhabit. It is different writing for me and I am having a blast with it. In fact, I just finished editing BOOK 4 last night! 🙂

Come play with us!

Did you know that The Realm Trilogy is now complete?

I had a blast writing this series and am honored to present the whole thing to you now. So, so cool. And the ending?!?!?


If you like a fast-paced story with twists and turns, some sci-fi, and mind-bending psychological horror, this is the series for you.

Do you love to write and want to learn more about genre (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, paranormal romance)? Do you have a movie running in your head that you want to get down on paper? I am honored to bring you classes to help you do just that (see what I did there?). Hone your skills with the help of industry professionals at the Speculative Fiction Academy (SFA).

Thank you for letting me do the thing I love: write! I’m HONORED to… ok, I’ll stop. LOL!

Until next time…

L. Marie

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