Out with the old and in with the new!

The end of the year is the time when many reflect on what happened and what they would like to see themselves doing in the coming year. Good. Do that… as long as you learn lessons from what you’ve experienced and remain accountable to those future goals. Don’t spend a lot of effort wishing the year could have been different – I have recently had a fact reinforced to me, one that I thought I already knew, but never really understood to the magnitude I do now until about three days ago: things happen for a reason.


They do.

If you have the presence of mind to see the path whatever that “thing” happening in your life took to get you where you are, you will be amazed. That’s not to say you shouldn’t put in effort or you shouldn’t strive for something that feels out of reach. You should. But when you don’t get exactly what you want (and you won’t, not all the time) wait a beat and see what else might be coming. There’s a reason you didn’t get or do that specific thing at that specific moment. Wait for it. It may still be coming to you – or something else – and it will get there EXACTLY when its supposed to.

This year has been a whirlwind for me – so many things happened that I didn’t see coming… so many things were supposed to come to fruition that did not. But guess what? The way I see it, 2023 is going to have all of those things that I was waiting for in 2022 AND MORE, and folks, THAT is going to be flipping amazing!

Get ready for these individual titles in 2023:

Plus another sumthin’ sumthin’ or two towards the end of the year that I’m gonna just stay quiet about right now 🙂

You’ll also find these releases coming out this year with a contribution from lil ole me (so far!):

I’ll be speaking at some places, like the Final Girls Conference out of Berlin, Scares that Care, and ConTinual. And I will be reprising my role as Horror Track Programming Director at MultiverseCon!

Also, my movie will be done! I can’t wait to check out the road this takes me on! I can’t help but share the trailer again:

Good stuff next year, even if there were some lefts that should have been rights along the way this year. Some of the lefts left me frustrated. But ALL of the rights left me elated!

My to do list next year has three new things on it that I never thought I’d write down, and I am up for the challenge. The important question for you to ask yourself about your own new year list is, ‘Are you?

And since I mentioned sumthin’ sumthin’, here’s some Maxwell to close out the year:

Happy New Year!!

Until next time…

L. Marie

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