For Real?

That’s what I found myself saying when what I am about to tell you became reality. For real? Seriously?? Stop playing! (I became my teenage self again for like 10 solid minutes!) And even though the initial shock has changed from surprise and disbelief to elation since everything has been finalized and the process has begun, I still pinch myself about the whole thing. What whole thing, you might be wondering?

This whole thing…





I didn’t dare to dream of this – it seemed so out of reach. Archiving was for people like Maya Angelou and James Baldwin. People whose words MATTERED. All I ever wanted was for my words to impact people; I only wanted to touch people, have my words linger and stay with them, and (considering the fact that I do write psychological horror fiction, after all) scare them. I never thought beyond that – at least not consciously. But now, as I look at what has come to pass and think about what it means, I see something that I had not considered before at play. While I was working with my head down, putting my words into the world and hoping they resonated with people at the same time wondering if those words were just floating in ther air or falling on deaf ears, people were actually connecting with them. People really did see the contribution that I (the female, African American, unrepentant pantser, horror fiction author than I am) made to the literary community. And that contribution matters. Now my words will be available forever alongside giants like George Romero and Linda Addison. Now my “papers” (OMG I just love that!) will be accessible to students who need to know that pantsing is a viable way to write and that their chicken scratch can amount to a beautiful story, that their genre mixing actual can work and only speaks to their versatility. They will be available to students in school now and 200 years from now. Now I know, without a doubt, that my words will impact people… that my words MATTER.


That’s some heady stuff.

I will never be over it.

Honored, thankful, floored, humbled, pumped – I am all of these things at once and will always be.

And I will keep putting my words out there because, guys, I am just getting started.

Speaking of… (the segue wasn’t awesome this time, but not the worst! LOL!)

I have a few “words” coming out soon!

Accursed is book 3 of The Realm Trilogy… it’s the end of the story and it is a banger, if I do say so myself! So much movement, so much tension… this series closes with gusto. (This is NOT the cover – the cover reveal will be SOON!) Out Mid October!

Mars, The Band Man, and Sara Sue – this is my first mystery and it was great fun putting together! There’s something to be said for minding your own business… just sayin’. This is a throwback novel and I love it! Out Mid November!

I signed a couple of contracts for work that will be out in 2023. Short stories and poetry, and then there are the big ‘uns like book 2 of the Affinity Saga (Origins) due out in Feb and that colossal project between me and Falstaff Books that kicks off in Feb as well (traditional horror fun, you guys!). Can’t wait for you to see!

These are also my words!!

Yes, you are seeing this right – this is a MOVIE POSTER!!!

My short screenplay, 271 Raeburn Avenue, will be on the silver screen soon! Filming is done and the movie is in post production (look all that film lingo!! LOL!). I got the chance to hang out on set for a day and watch some of the scenes unfold. I have to tell you, watching people act out a scene you wrote and speak lines you came up with in the middle of the night in front of your computer is an experience like no other. I loved every minute I got to spend with this amazing cast and crew. I can’t wait to be able to share more about this!

Umm… what else?

Oh! This cool thing happened! My alma mater, Southern New Hampshire University) put up an article about speculative fiction that had a few of my thoughts in it, as well as a picture! I love this! This is one of the articles that prospective students will have access to when considering attending the school and I am so happy to be able to encourage and assist in that way. Check it out – it’s an interesting read!

I’ll be speaking at a few places in October. I am so excited about these events – I get to put on my professor hat AND keep on my creative one at the same time! I’ll talk about Candyman, zombies, and horror proper in that order. WOOT!

What else have I been doing?

I have not had a ton of time to read recently (surprise, surprise!), but I have been able to watch a few things. The standout for me since we last discussed film and TV is Bulgasal: Immortal Souls. Great acting, interesting storyline, and an almost continual shift of perspective that makes you hunt for the bad guy only to find that you might actually be rooting for them! Loved this series. Loved Lee Joon in this (from The Silent Sea, a sci-fi horror series that I raved about a few newsletters ago). Definitely worth watching.

Quick notes – Are you watching Cobra Kai? If not, you probably should be! So much fun, and not just for those of us who remember watching the first Karate Kid movie when it came out in theaters!

And… did you hear that Sweet Home is getting two more seasons?!?!? YASS!!!!

I think that’s it for now!

Until next time…

L. Marie

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