The Realm – Book One

Patrick closes his eyes to the only life he’s ever known and opens them to a new and dangerous world. In this Realm the newly dead from all over the universe are being hunted by a formidable race of giant beasts, the likes of which have never been seen by the living world. 

Before long, he meets others from all over the universe that are doomed to live in this terrifying Realm with him. This place is like nothing he ever learned about in life; it is neither heaven nor hell, purgatory nor Sheol. 

Patrick will encounter clusters of people huddled together for safety but he acts as a lone wolf – they don’t trust him, and perhaps with good reason. 

He is key to the future of The Realm – Patrick must right old wrongs, and fight against all the terrors it has in-store. He must fight to save his family and, indeed, all of his descendants. His revelations will impact the living world as well as what comes after. 

He is the future of humanity.

What People are Saying About The Realm:

“In The Realm, L. Marie Wood presents readers with a cast of nuanced characters against the backdrop of an intricate world where nothing is simply black and white or right and wrong. The “sins of the father” takes a refreshing detour from triteness and makes us accomplices to the main character’s (Patrick’s) endeavors.” 

– R. J. Joseph, author of Monstrous Domesticities

“The Realm drops you into a bizarre and disturbing vision of the afterlife where the dead will never rest in peace. L. Marie Wood’s compulsively readable and fast-paced tale grabs you and doesn’t let go. Hang on tight!”

– Kirsten Imani Kasai, Author of  The House of Erzulie

L. Marie Wood has an exceptional ability to create compelling works of psychological horror in which the characters are deeply developed, the pacing flawless, and the suspense palpable.”

– Melinda Clayton, Author of Making Amends

“[The Realm] brings Cosmic horror into the 21st century.”

– John R. Robison, Priest, Sci-Fi/ Horror Fiction Enthusiast

“Wood is a master world builder who introduces rules and boundaries that are easily understood…”

– R. J. Joseph, author of Monstrous Domesticities

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