Something to listen to, something to read, something to watch

Hey you guys! The scary season is in full swing and, you know, if you forgot the thing I have been talking about nonstop, allow me to remind you here that my novel, The Realm, is coming out NEXT WEEK!!! (WOOOHOOO!!! Excuse me… I digress.) As we inch toward that momentous date (LOL!), let me supply you with something to listen to, something to read, and something to watch.

Just… all the things.

Should hold your interest for a bit! 🙂

To Listen To:

I sat down with Dicey Grenor and Chantell Renee to talk about my short story, “The Dance”, which appears in the newly released anthology SLAY: Stories of the Vampire Noire, as well as some other sexy and horror-type stuff.

To Read:

A blog post… a short story about Gate Night… a preview of The Realm… Amazing stuff in this Halloween Haunt posted on the HWA’s Halloween blog.

To Watch:

Check out the book trailer for The Realm. It’s pretty cool!

By the way, have you preordered your copy of The Realm? I would… I DEFINITELY WOULD! Author R.J. Joseph said, “You need this book,” on her Twitter feed. I tend to agree! Learn more about it here or just go for it and grab your copy here!

Thanks! Live love and prosper… wait, wrong genre.


L. Marie Wood

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