Don’t Answer Your Phone!

When evil permeates a popular mobile app, it is up to a college kid to save the world, starting with his girlfriend. Don’t Answer Your Phone! is horror/sci-fi mashup that will resonate with fans from both worlds. Don’t Answer Your Phone! is a modern-day take on the monster in the machine. Aaron, the app creator, is a loner college kid with a very small circle of influence. Aaron is keenly aware that he is not popular and does not like it – in fact, he wants to get even with everyone that shuns, or worse, ignores, him. He dies while creating the code for the app and his friend, Jackson, who finds him slumped over his desk with the upload prompt blinking in waiting, honors him by sending the app out into the universe. Jackson has no idea that he has also released a digital imprint of Aaron’s angry soul out into the ether. Sarah, one of the cool kids, downloads the app and things get messy. See, Sarah knew Aaron – or at least, he knew her. She was Aaron’s secret crush, only it wasn’t so secret. Sarah rejected Aaron out of hand once, twice, more than he could count. Once his app gets downloaded onto her phone, Aaron knows it is time to exact revenge… that is, if he can get rid of her boyfriend, Nick, first.

This is a techie horror mash-up that offers its share of jump scares, but for those who are interested in social context to chew on, this movie definitely provides. The pacing and feel are similar to Drag Me to Hell and the tech-forward baddie is a nod to the ground uncovered in Fallen. The social context playground about the impact of technology today is reminiscent of the message about consumerism that the most enterprising of viewers noticed in Dawn of the Dead.

Awards and Recognition

  • Finalist, 13Horror Screenplay Competition, 2022
  • Finalist, Scream Queen Film Festival, 2022
  • Best Women’s Feature Screenplay, Golden Horse International Film Festival, 2022
  • Best Writer, Golden Horse International Film Festival, 2022
  • Best Feature Screenplay, Golden Horse International Film Festival, 2022
  • Official Selection, Lit Scares International Horror Festival, 2021
  • Official Selection, Košice International Film Festival, 2021
  • Official Selection, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival,  2021
  • Quarter Finalist, Shriekfest Horror/SciFi Film Festival,  2021
  • Official Selection, Indo-Global International Film Festival,  2020
  • Official Selection, Bloodstained Indie Film Festival,  2020
  • Finalist, GenreBlast Film Festival,  2020
  • Nominated Best Drama, Northern Virginia International Film and Music Festival, 2019

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