My name is L. Marie Wood and I have been a psychological horror author for over 30 years – no, really, I have… I started really young.  I am the author of 4 novels and over 130 short stories.  I have been published in print and online – in newspapers, anthologies, chapbooks, magazines, and comic books (yeah, that was cool).  I have a few short stories that have won awards.  My first novel and first short story collection were on the long list for the coveted Bram Stoker award.  My most recent short story, “The Ever After” was part of the Bram Stoker Finalist anthology Sycorax’s Daughters.  I even managed to get recognized in The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, Vol. 15 (2004) and was recognized as one of the 100+ Black Women in Horror Fiction (2018).  I’ve also edited 5 short story anthologies and judged poetry and short story contests.

Reviewers have said some amazing things about my work over the years:

“L. Marie Wood quite skillfully pulls the reader into the world of the supernatural, making each and every sentence feel almost palpable.” – All About Ghosts

“L. Marie Wood continues to be a force in the world of horror with her unique writing style and her ability to spin a tale that will stay with you long after you have read the last sentence. ” – Midwest Book Review

“L. Marie Wood [has] superb pacing and a fantastical flair that has earned her a place among the most inventive horror writers of our time.” – Somniloquy

Aww, shucks.

Why is any of the above important?  Because it shows my passion and dedication to my craft – at least, I hope it does!  I am, and will always be, a storyteller.

Audio books are an amazing way to enjoy a book or story.  The writer and narrator come together to provide you with an amazing experience.  I am excited to embark on this new journey with you!

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