Well, that went by fast!

I’m talking about summer.

And yes, I know that summer isn’t technically over until almost the end of September, but still. August 31st is tomorrow. I never grew out of this one thing from my youth: the end of August is the end of summer.

I didn’t go to the pool (!).

I didn’t roast marshmallows (seriously, what in the world?).

I didn’t make a fire and sit outside until it burned down in the wee hours of the night… oh, wait… I did do that!

I also listened to my two favorite sounds: waves crashing onto a beach and the wind blowing the leaves of trees.

I drove a convertible.

I cooked out and ate outside.

I played in the rain and watched a rainbow emerge from the gloom.

I stared at the stars (through a telescope that I never figured out – and I mean not after 5 years of half you-know-whating it. That I gave up and stared at them with the naked eye more than once has absolutely no bearing on this story – lol).

I grew my hair out, then cut it off, only to wonder if maybe I want to grow it out again after all (don’t judge me!).

I learned a new paint pouring technique. Indeed I am planning my next paint pouring (throwing… it’s more like throwing for me, if I’m being honest) session soon – this time on a BIIIGGGG canvas.

Hmmm. Maybe I didn’t have such a short summer after all, if I was able to fit all of that in!

Ooh! I finished writing a novel too! A novel I can’t talk about yet because… well, ’cause! So far my editor is smiling and that is always a good thing, let me tell you!

I messed around with the website a little – made a Coming Soon section that I am pumped about .


And this is BIG…

I experienced a dream come true… well, almost. I mean kinda sorta, but not entirely yet. Cryptic? Perhaps. Let me explain. I realized a while ago (like 20 years ago) that I enjoy teaching – like, really enjoy it. I’ve been doing it on and off, sometimes in workshop form, but often in the classroom, for a pretty long time now. I had the chance, years ago, to create a college course called Introduction to Horror Writing and had the time of my life teaching it. And now, friends, I’m at it again.


So much BIGGER!!

Really… I mean look at this! It’s this kind of big! It’s LOGO big!

I brought some people who are amazing at what they do in to help me put together the dream come true I talked about before… the Speculative Fiction Academy!

We aren’t open yet, but soon… so very soon! You can sign up for the SFA newsletter and peruse the classes we have so far, and check out the amazing instructors that are part of this groundbreaking academy. We are adding more classes in the next few months to provide a robust curriculum at launch because this academy isn’t just for horror writers or genre writers… it’s for podcasters, screenwriters, fantasy writers, sci-fi writers, non fiction writers, aspiring writers, business-focused folks (and writers), and more – holy cow! Check us out – tell your friends. I’ll keep you posted on our launch date, for sure.

I watched some fantastic movies this month, Free Guy among them. Kingdom: Ashin of the North was everything, but perhaps the stand out for this month was The Paper Tigers:

The Paper Tigers (2020) - IMDb

If you are of a certain age you will be laughing so hard you won’t be able to catch your breath. Like me… I’m of that age. I literally thought I wouldn’t make it through without holding my sides and wiping my eyes. There are so many head-nodding moments in there. Good stuff.

The Promise Keeper got a make-up change. New cover, loves, and I think it’s pretty snazzy!!!

Yo! Did you see that Telecommuting was on an Amazon bestseller list for like 5 weeks?!?!?! It was #2 for a few days too! HOLY COW! Bucket list, guys! WOOT! Have you read this crazy tale yet? If so, THANKS SO MUCH for checking me out. If not, this might be a great short read for you – it’s fun one!

Oh, and I now can confirm that I love this song:

I only know maybe 7 words of it but I sing them enthusiastically and I’m ok with that. The people around me are invariably not, but YOLO, right?

How was your summer? Tell me about it! Come back and visit sometimes – you never know when I will add something new to the site. Tell your friends too – all are welcome (can you name the movie the last part of that sentence is from? I dare you to say it in the voice it was first uttered in out loud!).

Until next time…

L. Marie Wood

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    1. Oh, thank you, Priscilla! So glad you liked it. Please leave a review on Amazon if you have a second – I can’t tell you how important those are! 82 sounds amazing – perfect hanging outside weather! Enjoy it!

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